According to Barnevernet all out of home placements are supposed to be temporarily.
This was stated numerous times by the Norwegian government during the world-wide protest against Barnevernet. So then, we ask you all to look at our case.

The Barnevernet and courts reason for removing and not returning our daughter were the following reasons;
1. A potentially dangerous father, former criminal
2. Mothers former psychological problems
3. A vague concern about the parent's drug-use
According to Barnevernet this could result in us as parents not being able to take care of Aria.

Even though neither us nor the court appointed psychologist agreed on this, lets nevertheless describe the current situation:

1. ALL visitations are being reviewed as almost perfect where we as Arias parents show very good parenting skills.

2. We receive counseling and follow up from a private psychologist. Currently she observes no psychological deficits by us as parents for Aria. We are considered as very cooperative and also with a very good ability to reflect about our own feelings and behaviors (typical psychologist-talk) ;-)
She also states that we have a very good ability to reflect on the needs of Aria.

3. Clean drug-tests for a long, long time

4. All former charges against Ken has been waived.
In connection with this it must be stated that Ken recently was convicted for posting negative statements about CPS and their leader on the internet.
But at the same time the court also states that Ken no longer can be viewed as a recidivist regarding criminal behavior.

We as parents would like to underline that in this period from Aria was born, there has been no effort what so ever has been made by Barnevernet to do any follow up of us as parents, no attempt to do any guidance or to provide any help at all.
This is despite that they are obligated to do so.

Even if they were concerned at the time of birth, which we find hard to understand since they didn't even try to get a dialogue with us.

Then today there are NO reason why Aria should not come home to us, her mommy and daddy. We are waiting for her, preparing for her to be returned and thinking of her every day and every night. We are painfully aware of Arias current attachment to her foster parents, but we also know that children are capable of forming new and strong bonds if they have to.
We have an existing bond with her, it just needs to be stronger! We also know we have the skills to make that happen, to be there for her and to be sensitive towards her needs. We know that the long-term cost for Aria will be huge if she stays in foster care. She needs to come home, to have her place in our family. To get to know her strong and loving father and her sensitive and gentle mother, and to see where she gets her temper from.

She needs to get to know her whole extended family, not to grow up in uncertainty and paid care. It is a really big loss for our precious princess to be prevented in growing up together with mommy and daddy. We have no reason to believe that the foster parents are not taking good care of her. Still we are convinced that even they are starting to feel a doubt in the depth of their souls if it was correct to place Aria into care. So the only sane, lawful and correct process now will be to start a reunion of Arias family. We just want Barnevernet to follow their own laws and their own statements.

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