Finally seeing Aria again

Visitation 22 of March

Finally seeing Aria again

We got to see Aria again on Tuesday for two hours.
The visitation went well, far better than we expected.

It has been two months since our last meeting with her, and a lot of psychological theory and CPS-«knowledge» could indicate that she would not recognize us. It didn`t take her long time to play with us, to hug us and to run into her fathers arms. As her parents we only want her best, so we were attentive to her reactions on meeting us, because we expected to be quite unfamiliar to her. Somehow it seemed to be a bond between us, and she was not at all afraid or sceptical.

Actually she prefered playing with us and did not seek comfort of her confidence-person once during the visitation. We as her parents belive that biology creates a bond that no-one can erase, and Aria felt our love for her and that we only wants her best. So psychologist and CPS-workes can claim that biologi is not a factor, Aria has proven them wrong!

We can see that Aria is a strong-headed girl with her own opinions, but also kind and gentle. It seem like she has got her fathers temperament and her mothers looks, the best combination.
These two hours were good for our broken and wounded hearts and souls, but it also so painfully reminds us of what has been stolen from us. We can promise Aria that she will always be in our hearts and we will never, ever give up the fight to be reuniteted with her and become a whole family again.
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