26. january 2017

Then this is today sent off to over 40 local politicians and politicians in the Norwegian parliament and the press ...

Open Mail to politicians, municipal directors, the press


Let's do a quick and cautious estimate of the spending in our case-now 2 years after the intervention and attack on our family:

Hired private consultants-2 pcs 80000
Purchases of services from private company Ditt Tiltak 50000
Travels to the foster home 20000
visitation foster parents must travel with Aria 50000
Municipal attorney fees 180 000
Payments of reinforced foster homes: 400 000
(This is specified minimum sum, which considering the complexity that CPS has expressed around me certainly is far higher)
Attorney fees private party: 160 000 (2 pcs)
Expert for court 120000
The appointment of two new experts 200 000
County Board work / court work 200000
Supervisors to fosterhome 10000
Psychological help to fosterparents 30000

OVERALL: 1. 300,000
Thus, a total of A Million and three hundred thousand Norwegian kroner
Which is 144.581 EUROS
Or 154.925 USD

This is also a very moderate estimate, probably far more money has been spent.
(Given the complexity and upgraded its dangerous stiffness / threats that CPS has expressed around me is total certainly much higher)

In addition, police work, child welfare work, healthcare, witnesses who have met in court etc.

We currently have visitation that is wonderful with our daughter.
No alcohol or drug problem, not psychological problems, no violence issues, no criminal actions.

We marvel that the politicians both in Lørenskog and Nationally can look at this type of spending without reacting to it.

In our case it could municipality employ a person in full-time positions who worked full working hours at our house five days a week for this sum.
Is this really money well spent?

In this math's not the cost of our trauma included, the mental illness we have suffered, our family is being subjected to, salary to our private employed psychologist since this is not or has not been taken care of by child welfare authorities.
(Foster family anxiety because child welfare have intimidated them), and the child's expenses, as this is impossible to calculate.

Norway spend every year 20 billion Norwegian kroner on child welfare.
Nonetheless success rate of the Norwegian child welfare is small to none.
Children in care; a negative effect on all variables.
Should this not cause politicians to think more about how the money is used?
Child welfare Children have not gained anything from all this is being done, but possibly the children of lawyers, psychologists, private hired consultants and executive officers are the children who have the greatest pleasure of this money machine?

included are 2 of the articles Romerikes blad has written about our cause:



In addition, included is the English version of a tv report that DW has so far made about our cause but is a sequel being planned.
Especially now where there are some more facts that prove the shocking, and signs of criminal offenses committed by barnevernet.
In addition, we refer to the lack of cooperation and willingness of the child protection in the reunification which is clear both in terms of monitoring of us as parents, appointing an expert, error writing in the summaries after meetings and little willingness to implement something as simple as guidance for our visitation. The case has also been sent to the European Court of Human Rights :


And I want to just mention that Deutsche Welle (DW) is a German international broadcasting organization.
They broadcast news and information on short wave and satellite radio in 29 languages, broadcast television in three languages and publish news on the Internet in 30 languages. It corresponds to the BBC World Service, Voice of America and Radio France Internationale.
DW when words out to 135 million viewers weekly, it is stated on their own website.

This is useful information for you.

And will end with a link to the Facebook page and the website for our case , which has a not insignificant number of followers, and sharers of the posts.


We had another meeting with Barnevernet.

Another degrading and sad meeting that leaves us with a feeling of less hope and we once again feel retraumatized.
It is incomprehensible how a public institution with a mandate to help can act so vicious and show to such extend a lack of empathy.

Their assessment is that the last visitation with our precious Aria was wonderful. We as her parents are sensitive, we are giving her time, we are playing with her, we are doing "child-directed-play", we are sharing her joy, never making her uncomfortable and respecting her boundaries and need for the support-person.

Well, so far so good. We as her parents have always tried to make the visitations as good as we possibly can for Aria, its her time, its her hours with her loving parents,. The visitations are not FOR us even though it is good to see her. But the CPS actually wants us to make this time with her NOT so good for Aria. Yes, you are reading it correctly. They want us to do less "child-directed-play" so they can see how we are handling a less pleased child. They also wants us to not give her so many gifts because it is so "easy to get a good interaction with a child when bringing gifts". What????
As a father, I am even more shocked than before. The visitations are supposed to be good for Aria, the sole and only concern for us.

But the CPS wants them to be not so good for her because they want to assess how we are handling this. They have reached a new level of unprofessionalism. We have asked several other professionals (psychologists and family-therapists) specialized in attachment and interaction with small children about their view upon this.

They all agree this "advise" is NOT in the best interest of Aria. Our privately hired psychologist came to the meeting, she advised against this approach towards our daughter.

We see Aria two hours every second months, the only sane way to be during these far to short visitations is to be sure Aria has a great time. Child-directed play and to bring her gifts is now considered to be wrong from the CPS point of view.
I am not even going to try to understand this insane statement and so called counselling from them. It really shows the core of the madness that's going on in this country.


To Aria: Now it is only 12 hours until we will see you again, two months have gone by once more.
And the only thing we live for is again getting closer, seeing you, the most precious in our lives.
Hopefully you are not so tired as last time, and it will be a pleasant visitation for you.
Truly, that is the only thing that counts, that you are enjoying the time with us.

And since we are getting close to the 1 of December, we have made you a gift calendar we will deliver it tomorrow.
And there is a gift and a picture for each day.

And so we hope that the people you are living with at the moment, will help us make this time as pleasant and joyable for you as we would have made it.

And we are looking so forward to see you tomorrow, big hugs and kisses from mom and dad.
We are and will forever be yours, and our love for you will bring us together sooner or later. ❤

To the rest:
It would off course be so much easier if we could communicate with the fosterparents directly.
We think that even they would see how wrong this is.
But we want you all to know that the fight for Aria and justice is in no way over, it will not be over before she is home and safe in our arms once more.

The politicians in Lørenskog have now demanded an investigation of barnevernet/cps that has our case.
And we will be involved and one way or another making sure our case will be a subject in this investigation.

We and many others know how wrong and awful the case has been handled from start and until now.

Princess Aria is the one baby they never should have taken, the love for her motivates us to fight until our last breath for justice.



I must say a lot has happened in our case lately, and we finally got a lot of attention.

The local paper-Romerikes Blad by the great journalist Torstein Davidsen, wrote a long and balanced article about the case from the beginning up till the present status.

you can find it HERE

He has read the entire case file, interviewed a lot of people and came to our home twice. He also tried to get a comment from Arnfinn Heimstad at the CPS, but they are just hiding behind the ridiculous court-decision's.

But the article was widely spread and read by lots and lots of people. We got so much support, and many «ordinary» people were completely shocked by the CPS and their way of working.
We, who know the system, are sadly enough no longer shocked, just suffering.

Then we were invited to talk to a politician in the Parliament, and she expressed her sadness over the case.
She stated it was a public abuse, and inhuman treatment.

The article only available for subscribers, but can be found HERE

Our support group had thankfully arranged so the reporter from the paper could come along, and the warm, empathic politician did not protest.

So, the day after this was a new big article in the paper.
Now the Mayor promised in the paper to look into the case
(we are not very optimistic about this; they just say they will but only listens to the CPS side of the case. Sadly)

The local paper has had a great focus on CPS-cases after our case made the headlines.
And, the editor of the paper, Magne Storedal wrote a chronicle in today's paper regarding CPS, the title being «when the good helpers cause damage. There is something seriously wrong with today's CPS» he actually refers to our case and states it was handled wrong.
We view this as a big and very welcome recognition, of our case and our battle.
The article only available for subscribers, but can be found here

We still desperately miss our little Aria, and are sometimes almost mad from grief.

We are nevertheless hanging in there, we have both promised her to never, ever stop fighting. Our battle is slowly moving in the right direction; every little victory is one step closer to winning the battle-getting Aria home where she can be safe in our arms <3

To all the rest of you-keep up the fight!
The system is shaking, but still not cracking up.
We are making an impact and getting closer.


The letter
The letter

The letter/picture translated:

The goverments representative shall, by warrant in the child welfare act, § 2-3,forth section, supervise the Barnevernet in each municipality, thereby ensuring that the work done is within the law.
The Ministry may themselves consider the necessity of opening investigation concerning the work done by the local CPS in a specific case, and how this investigation is to be done. The Ministry will first consider the question regarding a different office to handle this specific case before making a decision regarding an investigation about the municipalities handling of this case.

We, as Arias parents, are quite surprised by the letter our lawyer received regarding a potential investigation into the case of Baby Aria and the way the local authorities handled the case.

Most surprised because we never asked for this.

We asked for a new office, because we feel prejudged by barnevernet in Lørenskog and their private, hired consultants.

We are off course afraid to hope for anything, but nevertheless sure of what will be found is severe offenses made by barnevernet if one actually looks at the requirements of the law. Hopefully this is one step closer to justice for Baby Aria?


Finally rid of Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren and Mette Lisbet Haugen...

Now what`s going on in the baby Aria case? I can assure you all that we have no plans to give up the fight for Aria, even though the justice-system keep repeating the mistakes made from Barnevernet. This only shows the flaws in the system, and does in no way reflect the perfect system the Government claims this to be. It shows the justice system does not make their own decisions, they base their rulings solely on Barnevernets opinions.

The justice system does not make independent evaluation of evidence in each case, but trusts the opinions of hired case workers as Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren and Mette Lisbet Haugen with personal agendas in making money. It feels like witnesses that are skeptical towards Barnevernet are not emphasized even one third of their own witnesses, thereby making it almost impossible for parents to win these cases. This whole process is a clear violation of our human rights, but most importantly of Arias human rights to be with her family.
We and many others, view this as a clear miscarriage of justice. Barnevernet in Lørenskog claims that we as parents are not able to cooperate with them and that the father of Aria possesses a danger towards them.

So let's look at the evidence in the case. It is true that Arias father has been and still is an active criticizer of the Barnevern-system on Facebook.
But does that mean he is not able to cooperate? We know that this fact has been used against parents in other cases, like the Eva Michalakova-case.

We as parents find this very oppressive, and not at all worthy a so-called democratic and civilized society. It is like criticizing this system is not allowed, and it is used against you as parents.

We would like to state that the Facebook-activity has nothing to do with our parenting skills.

We would also like to underline that even though we have experience a cold an inhuman system, we are perfectly able to cooperate for our daughter.

We have off course never missed a visitation, never asked for it to be rescheduled and never behaved in a negative way when our daughter is present.

We are happy to get feedback during and after visitations.
Arias father has never made a threat during all this difficult time, despite the police`s view of him.

We have done everything Barnevernet has asked for, but they have never, ever been interested in giving us a chance as parents. Therefore, no guidance has ever even been offered.
We claim that barnevernet in Lørenskog have disqualified themselves from day one, and have prejudged us as parents based on our past.

We have therefore, in cooperation with our lawyer, asked for our case to be moved to another office in a different municipality. We are awaiting an answer. In addition, our psychologist has asked for a meeting with them and us (this will then in fact be our first meeting with them, unbelievable but the truth!)

One positive fact is that the barnevern- leader in Lørenskog barnevern Arnfinn Heimstad promised our psychologist at least new case-workers, and we view this as good news.

Also the restraining-order against Arias father has been lifted, so he is no longer perceived as dangerous by Barnevernet!

Every little victory is a step on the ladder with the one and only goal in this fight; to get Aria home and safe.

Before the father of Aria then can fully focus on the safety and fight for all children, that are wrongfully under barnevernet.