Norway today


Do you all remember the Film from 2002 Minority Report?
The Film where Tom Cruise is an officer in a police unit able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, year 2054. They can do this because they`re helped by chosen psychics who can predict the future.
It is a film where the director, Steven Spielberg, obviously wants to warn about future dangers like lack of democratic control and people with power`s possibility to manipulate.

And do you know what-this is happening in Norway today! Picture a young family, she is pregnant, the couple is looking forward to having their baby. The grandmother is knitting baby-clothes and the grandfather is planning future babysitting evenings. What they are all not aware of in their anticipation of becoming a family, is that someone has already decided they can not keep their baby. This has happened to baby Aria, the twins, baby Caspian and many more. The baby has been promised up for adoption to a childless family via the so called "bank of infants" run by the government. This is done due to some chosen psychics who thinks they are able to predict the future and that the baby will be victim of neglect.
These psychics base their anticipation, or even more precise, their divination, on vague and unspecific, ever changing, criteria.

It might be an old invalid diagnosis, given many years ago
(like for Natascha and Erik where she was wrongfully diagnosed mentally retarded at age 13)

Or an obsolete criminal record
(like Ken, a reformed ex-criminal-father of Aria),

Perhaps an history as a former drug abuser
(like Nadia-mother of Caspian)

or even just a suspicion of milder mental illness.

These psychics work within the Barnevernet, and are, according to the government, able to make these divinations. After all, they have a full three year education in doing this. The biological parents have not done anything to harm their babies, but still their rights to try to be parents, was taken away from them even before they had any chance. The baby is then picked up at the hospital, often by the help of the local police, and placed with the adoption family. If the biological parents are very lucky, they are offered a place at a family-center where they will be under constant observation. After some time they will be told they are not good enough due to lack of eye contact with their baby, or that they act insecure or in some cases they just don't agree with the people in the system. The parents are left with supervised visitations with their child somewhere between 2-6 times a year, and there is absolutely nothing they can do to change the destiny of their family. In fact, if they protest they are perceived as difficult and do not have cooperation-skills, and might risk even less visitations. The parents are supposed to be happy just occasionally seeing their beloved child, watching him/her grow up without the biological family.
No wonder many feels like being treated as part of a breeding-stock, removed their basic rights.
One might argue that in Norway, a civilized society, such an intervention as removing a newborn baby, must be subject to judicial review.

Well it is, but a highly unjust process. The government has unlimited resources when going to trial, the opposite of the parents. And if the justice-system in some rare cases finds the action of the psychics somehow dubious, it will nevertheless not be ruled in favor of the parents, because now the child has been to long with their adoptive family!

In this system growing up within your biological family is not considered important.

So do you all se the similarities and the completely lack of democratic control, just like in the future horror-movie by Spielberg.

Have we not reached just the stages he is warning about?

And the numbers speak for themselves-in 2008 it was 16 newborn infants, in 2014 it was 44, and in 2015 it was 53 taken from the clinic.

Are you not worried?
The risk of making mistakes are huge, still the government claims everything is perfect and no need to make changes.

And parents (and their children) are sentenced to a lifetime of suffering.