First of all we would like to thank you whom are reading this, and giving this page and our family your support.
It's you that give this page a meaning and strength, so THANK YOU for the time and effort we are most humbly and forever grateful.

As parents victimized by the Barnevernet/CPS we must honestly confess we have not met many professionals that treats us with respect nor shows much humanity within this system.

We are in fact shocked by the CPS treatment of us as parents in grief over the loss of our daughter, and also their completely lack of understanding of our reactions and fight to get her back.

But we have met some people that stand out from the rest and seemingly have kept their empathy and sane professional judgment despite their contact with this inhumane and cruel system. We think they deserve a rose.

The first one that we both really would like to give a rose is the court appointed psychologist, Ragnhild.
She showed a profound interest in giving Aria and us parents a thorough professional assessment always keeping Arias best interest first.
She met us in an empathic way and was very understanding towards our grief.
We also felt she understood that our behavior was very influenced by the trauma and crisis we were exposed to. Last, but not least, she judged us for whom we are today, not from 10-year old papers.

The last one we met was Morten, he was present on our visitation with Aria, a «stand in» for Lene.
He treated us with respect, praised our interaction with Aria and brought a relaxed atmosphere into a very difficult, sad and challenging situation.

This is so different from what we are used to from the other two case-workers that we were completely taken by surprise.
His presence made the visitation better.

If people within the CPS system would treat parents and children the way these two have done, the system could actually be for "the best interest of the child".So if you read this Ragnhild and Morten, we would like to say a heartfelt «Thank you».

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