After two months we were allowed two hours with our princess.
Off course-seeing her is wonderful She is beautiful, fun to be with and she has a lovely spirit.
She seems happy, and that is good to see. <3
We love her so much and we miss her even more after these visitations.
During those two hours she was playing with her mom and dad, she was not very interested in her confidence-person after a short while.

When she was tired at the end, she became whiny and wanted her foster-aunt to comfort her. We see this as a normal reaction, even though it shows the sadness and absurdity in what they are doing to our family. We try to focus on making this visitation as good and positive for her as we possibly can, thereby making our approach to her as sensitive as she needs. We are always sadly aware of that children of her age does not have the cognitive capacity to remember us from time to time. Nevertheless, she somehow seems to understand the special bond between us.

And despite the absurd circumstances, we feel that we really connect with her. We can see more and more of our self in her, we see resemblance with both her mother and father.
For us she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and off course she is ahead in development compared with other 16 month old toddlers (but this is a false belief of almost every parent we think <3 ;-) )

Aria seems to be sure of her self, fearless and brave.
Somehow she thinks she can do everything, without mastering it really-some would say exactly like her father! We are very proud of our little, beautiful girl <3
At the same time it is truly absurd to be able to see your own child for only two hours every second month.

The police is watching outside, allegedly because the father of Aria is dangerous.

We would ask-to whom is he dangerous? Not once these 16 month has he made a threat, raised his voice or lost his control, and we would claim this would be difficult for everyone placed in the same situation. Also there was a new case-worker today.

She seemed nice and friendly, but then again, someone the parents have not met before. And she did not know, if she was the supervisor on the next visitation.

So we still say that the CPS/Barnevernet is not interested in making this a good situation where the parents are able to show what really good parents they are.And to make the absurdity complete, we got the report from the last visitation when we arrived today. And what does it say:" This was, according to the opinion of the visitation supervisor, a good visitation for the girl. Mainly all the time the focus and tempo of the girl was taken into consideration.

The parents were able to adjust their approach based on the girl.
The parents showed good cooperation that was especially noteworthy during the meal, and at the same time the showed understanding for each other by stroking each other friendly at the back when the girl is leaving and the visitation has finished.
The parents were tuned into the girl with voice, eye contact and shared joy with the girl, and at the same time they facilitate a good framework with meals and playtime.

It is also considered positive that the parents accept advice and guidance from the visitation supervisor."So this is CPS/Barnevernets own words.

We are good parents.

The same as the court-appointed psychologist claimed.

But still no attempt to bring us back together, no attempt to see if they actually made a mistake or a prejudgment in Arias case.

We are not surprised any more of what this system is capable of. But sad, so sad. Mostly for Aria and what she has been deprived of.

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