Separation is very harmful for the children, and many suffer from serious trauma for extended periods of time

Psychologists are very concerned about Barnevernet and their use of interim orders in emergencies.
Finally, also psychologists in Norway starts to worry about the effect the interim orders in emergencies can have on children and have made an alarm-call in the papers. They are off course met with the usual CPS-smoke screen propaganda that all critics against this system usually are met with.
That Barnevernet only submit care-orders when it is highly necessary and everything else is tried. And that Barnevernet needs more money and more people to better help people so they can avoid these Interim orders in emergencies in the future.

But we here at "Baby Aria" has talked to some psychologists and looked at the official statistics in Norway.

From the year 2008 to 2015 the number of interim orders increased by 60 %, from an annual number of 945 in 2008 to 1504 in 2015.

Interestingly enough, in the same period the number of employees in Barnevernet increased from 3294 in 2008 to 5296 in 2015, this is also an increase in 60%! Is this a coincidence?

In the same period there has not been an equivalent increase in the child-population in Norway-only a small increase around 2,4%.
So excuse us for getting even more skeptical towards the intentions of this system-the more people employed, the more children they "steal" from parents.

So when the Barnevernet has increased their workforce by 60% saying they will be doing more prevention and early intervention, the effect is the opposite.
We ask-how can this be? Have you ever asked yourself if you in fact are doing more harm than benefit with all your interference in the families?

Or do each employee within Barnevernet have a fixed number of children they need to get their hands in to fulfil some set goal?
We don't know the answer, but find the questions highly relevant.

The link is the article from these 3 Psychologists, to whom we are gratefull for since they actually stand up for our children.
So thank you for standing up and talking against the traumatizing, development seen in the protection of children...