Here is a cut out of the event log in the maternity ward Baby Aria's mother was admitted to, translated to English.
There are some facts that are wrong, there was not Two civilian officers. There were 4 ARMED officers, and another thing the father of Baby Aria is never convicted of any violence or threats against police or hospital staff.

He is convicted of violence used, in a criminal environment BUT THIS IS over 10 years ago.
But anyway a big interference of his private life, since this was no need to mention to the hospital staff who did not see any problems with the parents of Baby Aria.
And last but not least, as the recording of barneverns employee Lene Jargren also states.
THIS WAS NOT AN OFFER, BUT EXTORTION/KIDNAPPING of a woman who gave birth for her first time and her NEWBORN baby.
So this is one more thing you Lene Jargren, Mette Lisbet Haugen & Arnfinn Heimstad will be held accountable for when the time for the family's justice is due.

The Log Translated:

Received a call from Barnevernet/CPS - **blanked out**. They are reporting that the Barnevernet/CPS are planning a visit to have a conversation with the patient tomorrow 15/1 at 9:30 AM. They wish to speak with the patient alone and not with her child`s father. It is being noticed/warned that the representatives from the Barnevernet/CPS are coming accompanied by two police officers in civilian, because the child's father has previously acted threatening and used violence. The mother will not be informed that the Barnevernet/CPS will arrive. If the mother chooses to leave the maternity ward before the meeting, then Barnevernet/CPS have to be notified or the Barnevernsvakta/CPS evening/night guard. The plan is to offer the mother a place in a home with the child, because the Barnevernet/CPS do not want the child to be with the father when the mother leaves the maternity ward. Have not been attending in "mothers group". Have been shown how to bathe the child. Engaged father who asks relevant questions.
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The log that are mentioned above
The log that are mentioned above