Liar the story continues English version

This is a TRUE PROOF of the pure evil lies, and theater these people are putting up, to take children away from their loving parents in this case our baby princess Aria.

NOW THEY and especially Arnfinn Heimstad ARE NOT AFRAID OF OWN SAFETY

Three months after he got the father convicted in court for treathfull behiavior and a restraining order was on the father against this man ...

Sorry Arnfinn Heimstad but YOU SHOULD have kept track of your claims against the father of Baby Aria...
Then i would NOT posted this ....

And the bad try by Annelise Bangsund where she tries to be "smarter" than you and tries a dramatization she should really not have done that...
You Took Baby Aria, and claimed NO help measures was possible since it was not safe around the father.
You claimed you feared for your life and health.

BUT NOW THERE IS NO FEAR?????Remember that the meeting was about making a fresh start, THAT is not made by just exposing your lies... that is made by admitting YOU were wrong, IF you dont do that SOON i actually think you will be exposed even more...

And Anne Lise Bangsund should be kept in control by YOU as the Director and main responsible person at the office...

The first time the Baby Aria case was discussed in Media, the father of Aria and the Norwegian Human rights lawyer Marius Reikerås appeared on Turkish television channel ATV.
From 04.10.2015

An interview of the parents of baby Aria made by the news company Deutsche Welle
Child services under fire in Norway ' Focus on Europe

A music video that was made in support to children stolen by the norwegian barnevernet ( CPS )
With a few names on the T-shirts Aria is one of the names that are represented, by this cute children that are dancing.

Interview of the family by Romanian television

Australian television SBS Dateline about the Norwegian barnevernet, featuring a short interview with the father of Aria.

A good friend of the father, Chris Reimers Speaks at the Garland County Watchmen's Prayer Breakfast and talks about barnvernet and the father of Aria.

You can also visit Chris Reimers, at his Blog where he is a active voice against the wrongdoings and injustice taking place in Norway.
Writing about Baby Aria, and other cruel cases regarding barnevernet amongst other truthfull things it is for sure worth a visit.

Debate on Barnevernet actions at NRK (Norwegian public TV channel) 

The Father of Aria giving a speech in Trondheim about his own experience with Scandinavias child "welfare" Barnevernet, with English subtitles available.

The Father of Aria giving a speech in Oslo at the demonstration against barnevernet the 11 of june 2016 also about his own experience with Scandinavias child "welfare" Barnevernet, with English subtitles available.

This is the story of baby Aria on Youtube

August the 30th is the international day for victims of forced dissappearance!