I am writing this to show how far the CPS/Barnevernets practice is from the fine words of the law.
The law the politicians and the people in Norway believe the system obeys to.

In our case we have several highly educated and experienced professionals who all state we are good parents. They have investigated us in about 200-250 hours totally.
These are Expert in clinical psychology for adults, Expert in clinical psychology for children, Expert in attachment-psychology, medical doctors, family therapists and nurses who specialize in toddlers and small children.
They are all stating very convincingly that we are very good parents, we have excellent parenting skills, are sensitive and warm.
On the opposite, there are the "experts" from the CPS/Barnevernet.
They have investigated us the total amount of 1 1/2 hour each.
Yes, that is correct, and in addition we have participated on some meetings. So perhaps a total of 10 hours if I am very generous. They stated 2 1/2 years ago we are not good parents. Actually they predicted this without giving us a chance.

So regarding to the law and the human rights, and also what Horne and Trommald are lying about in the press- ALL out-of-home-placements are supposed to be temporarily and the CPS/Barnevernet should always work for reunification of the family.
Well, if this was the case, our daughter would be home in our arms and her bed a long time ago. Still, now the CPS/Barnevernet has decided they need yet another two psychologists to investigate the case to see if we are good enough parents.

And time passes by. Every day she gets older and more attached to the foster family.
Every day is another day our daughter is not with her own family.
Every day is another day where the CPS/Barnevernet breaks the law, and every day is yet another violation of our daughters human rights.

Last visitation therefore was in presence of these two psychologists, and a third we hired ourselves
(because we do not trust the system, and this is all brought on by the way Lørenskog have treated us).

On the positive note, no police were present.
So I suddenly don´t represent any danger to my daughter anymore.
Nice to know.

The visitation was, as always, very good.
We played, enjoyed our limited time together with her. Always making sure that our own sadness and trauma does not in any way inflict her.

And now I am glad to say, she has gotten her own name back.
The name we gave her, we picked it carefully and with love and anticipation.
It feels like a victory, a small one, but still a victory.
At the same time, it saddens us to think that this surly will confuse her.
This is the "good" work of the CPS/Barnevernet-system in Lørenskog and shows how differently the offices are working, since Skedsmo CPS/Barnevern took our concern about this seriously and respected us as her parents, by taking swift action towards the insane practice Lørenskog had introduced with the use of two names on our precious princess .

So now we are waiting for the assessment of the new psychologists. It feels like we have to pass several exams to prove we are good enough parents.

I think this shows the extreme amount of power that the CPS/Barnevernet-system possesses. And also that it is a long way from what is stated in the law and how the system is working around it.

And I bet the only valid argument they will be left with, to keep her in foster care, is her attachment to the foster family.
I hope they take into consideration what it will actually do to our daughter when she gets older and discovers what happened to her.
How will she feel, if she is still in foster care, and she will be aware of this cruel system that stole her from her parents for no reason.

When they discovered their gross mistake, they took every means to cover it up.
It feels cruel, it cannot be perceived as anything but vicious, because the CPS/Barnevernet in Lørenskog are the only one who has created this situation.
It is like a living hell one cannot escape from.
And it will be a cold day in hell, before our family's reunification is given up on...