Admit to your mistakes


Every visitation with Aria is wonderful, and even Barnevernet has to admit it.

We are good parents, are sensitive towards her needs, are able to engage in very good interaction with her and try as hard as we can to make this a very positive experience for her.

Last time even the hired private consultant, who has been very judgmental towards us as parents, had to admit this fact.
And also the leader of barnevernet Arnfinn Heimstad, and the assistant leader Anne Lise Bangsund who we met prior to the visitation, has to admit to this fact.
In the depth of their souls they know they made a mistake in taking Aria from us.
We know it, and they know it.

Perhaps they don't admit to it yet, but there sure is a little voice in their heads telling them so.
It is called conscience. We hope this little voice in their head keeps them awake at night.

We think that even the foster parents know this and perhaps fears the truth.

And even though the case has reached the end in the justice-system, you can not hide behind this. Barnevernet won the case based on old facts and speculations, not the present status.
Even though the leader Arnfinn Heimstad surely will advocate they "won" in court, we think that even he now will start wondering if the hired consultants Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren and Mette Lisbet Haugen actually did the job he hired them to do-namely the best interest of Aria.
Perhaps he trusted their judgement to much!

So all we can say for now is-admit to your mistakes, and do what you can to make them right!

That is the obligation of every human being, also if you`re an employee within Barnevernet.

And the leader of Barnevernet in Lørenskog is the one most responsible for this.

So step up NOW and show that all the time we as parents have mistaken you Arnfinn Heimstad, and in fact it is others who have been doing the crimes against our family and Baby Aria.

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