A shocking experience!

Monday 25th jan Vibeke and Ken were supposed to see their princess for two hours at the police station.
It was 3 month since their last visitation, so Aria would probably not recognise them.

Barnevernet and the foster-mom brought her to the police station, but the fostermom would not meet the parents, alledgedly because the father is dangerous.
Aria was taken from the fostermom by the CPS-case workers and placed with the parents who where in a different room.

Off course litte Aria reacted very strongly to this, screamed and was terrifyed with none in the room she was familiar with. Because of her reactions she was brought back to the fostermom three times, and this experience obviously tramatized her!

The visitation was therefore aborted after 30 min by the parents to prevent further damage of their daughter. The Barnevern obviously did this to sabotage the parents visitation-rights and doing this by sacrifying the mental health of the child.

After this total devastating and inhuman treatment, Ken and Vibeke were in shock.

The police-officer Leif Harbo Re then decided to investigate further about Kens alledgedly violent behavior, not taking into concideration the emotional turmoil they were in.

They were called into a interview,
Ken also recorded this meeting.

The police officer said that since his opinion of them where that they were conspiring about the facts he could also make conspiracies.
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Some of the audio recording here, with caseworker Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren