Every case where a child is placed into custody, is supposed to be temporarily according to the Norwegian Government

( You can find the Norwegian governments explanation of what barnevernet do here )

One should then belive that the Government is keeping a close eye on how many custody-cases will result in the main target-namely reunite the family.

So, interested in that statistics, we made an request to the The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (BUF-dir). To our BIG suprise no such statistics exists.

Neither could the county administration (Fylkesnemda), court-system or Statistics Norway provide these numbers, because they don`t exist! Even though the Government state that out-of-home placements are always temporarily, they do not keep track of these cases.

They still claim that the CPS-systems work will be dedicated to make sure that custody-cases are only exeptions and their main focus is to help children stay in their families. So what does this compelling facts, or lack of them, tell us: The CPS-system is not remotely interested in reuniting the family once the child is in an out of home placement.