In all cases regarding children, the first and foremost duty of the lawyers is to make sure that all the information about the case will be presented, making the court able to make a decision that will be in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.

In many cases, including the Baby Aria case, this is not really WHAT happened in court.

In Arias case, the lawyer from Barnevernet didn't approve of the report made by the court appointed psychologist. So the lawyer wrote a letter to the commission that approve of these reports and trying to, in a manipulative way, influence their opinion. In addition, they reported the doctor of Arias father to the authorities for suggesting he would be a good father.

Furthermore, the visitation reports from a baby-specialist-that was very positive towards Arias parents was not submitted in court.

Does this seem to be a fair trial?

Or does Barnevernet seem at all interested in presenting all the relevant facts?
We hardly find this to be the case, they are interested in winning the case based on insufficient information.

Again, we feel and are pretty sure this was a pre-judged case were the hired private consultants Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren and Mette Lisbet Haugen decided even before they met us.

That's how they get their pay check, ruining the life of parents and children.

Same way they handled the proofs and statements in several cases from Naustdal, In the case of Bodnariu amongst others.
So it is proof of the unethical way it functions in all municipal here in Norway, since we and the Bodnariu family are not the only ones.

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